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About Us

Anabel Roda - Vocals, Keyboard & Percussion

Dale Lawre​nz - Bass Guitar & Vocals

Nick Ferrer/Brian Burke/Scott Crosby - Lead Guitar & Lead Vocals

T Drumz - Drums, Percussion & Vocals

Eddie Jakovec - Sound

The Noize is a Chicago band that plays it all:  Rock, Pop, Funk, Country, Soul, and Motown.  We entertain audiences with a wide spectrum of popular, crowd pleasing songs that you know and love, incorporating our own unique style and flavor within a high energy presentation that connects with all audiences, both young and old(er).  Members of The Noize have experience in gospel, progressive rock, blues, and jazz.  It's this fusion of diverse musical backgrounds which culminates in a sound that is entirely their own.  We are not your cookie-cutter cover band!